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Upskill your Makeup skills and unleash your full potential

'2' exciting makeup courses, learn at your own pace and

have lifetime access to all the courses 

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner (or) a Pro, there is always scope for learning.

(100% money back guarantee)

(Paypal only for transactions outside India)

Do you want success in the field of makeup (or) would you like to learn makeup for self-grooming?



CLASS 1 : Brazilian Makeup Masterclass by Brazilian Makeup Artist

CLASS 2 :Three different eyemakeup looks



Our Solid, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We are known in the makeup community for exceptional product delivery and customer friendly services . If you're not happy, we're not happy, and the last thing we want is for you to feel that you didn't get value for your money.


We are super confident about our classes, and this faith comes from the 1000s of happy artists and customers.


However, if you're one of the very few customers who did not learn anything new from us, we would be highly surprised, but, we will refund you your full money back, no-questions asked.


So, why wait?! It's risk free! Join us now, and try it for yourself. 

  • Contents of the Class:

    Learn from Brazilian Makeup Artist the art of mastering the modern look with Vibrant Colors and Glossy Finish

    • Recovery and Finishing Technique

    • Application of Illuminators

    • Perfect Blush Application

    • Brazilian way of Smokey Eye Technique

    • Perfect Finishing Secrets

    • Working with Matte and Creamy Products

    • Eyeliner and Eyebrow Correction Technique

    • Eyelash Application Method

    • Lower Smudge Technique

  • Contouring and Sealing Technique

  • Uniform Skin

  • Pre-Makeup & Camouflage Techniques

Eye Makeup Make-up Masterclass will help you master important

eye Make-up techniques to start practicing either on yourself or on other people.

Three Looks : 

1. Smokey eyes 

2. Glittery Smokey party makeup

3. Cut crease eye makeup

What you will learn ?

How to get good pigmentation

How to select transition shades

How to blend in a professional way 

Inner corner Technique

Waterline blending Technique

How to build to get true colours of eyeshadows

How to blend colourful and dark eyeshadows

How to apply glitter perfectly

How to smoke out the waterline

Inner corner wing technique

Easy way to apply False Eyelashes 

How to choose colour combinations

How to do cut crease (tips and tricks)

You're not the first one to take up our classes! We have more than 1000 makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts taking up the classes and have successfully learned the new techniques.

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Aishwarya Mazumdar, Mumbai

The Classes were really informative and I learnt a lot as a beginner, I finished the classes in Single go, I highly recommed it

Supriya, Chennai, Makeup Artist

The class was super informative, Keep going, ATB!

Divya , Bangalore, Makeup Artist

Easily explained and  lifetime access is a plus, I can practice anytime with the video references

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