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How to choose your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can be such a tedious thing to look at especially when you don’t know how and when to use them, so I created this makeup brush guide to keep you up to speed with your beauty arsenal. Take note that even though you’ll hear me say “it depends on the artist what brush he’d like to use”, there are still some technicalities to it, that’s why they are called tools, for them to perform and to be used for a certain task. Are you ready to find out how you can use your brushes more effectively? Go ahead and read on.

Powder Brushes are brushes that are packed together loose enough to allow you to blend product better but dense enough to pick up pigments for coverage, much like your foundation powder. To use this brush, dip on to the compact, give it a little swirl and tap off. Apply to your face carefully blending out the product. The powder brush is a must have in your beauty tool.

2. Angled Brush

Angled brushes are meant to be used on the corners of your face, so the hollows of your cheeks, your jaw line, and the temple area are places that will benefit the use of an angled brush. You can use this for sculpting the face, and to do that dip the brush on a contour powder and apply to the hollows of your cheeks, your jaw linee and places where you would normally contour. Although, I would recommend a smaller angled brush to contour the nose. This is the proper brush to use to create that contoured and highlighted face that’s been very trendy for a while now.

3. Foundation Brush

A flat foundation brush is used for applying liquid foundation. It picks up liquid or cream foundation effectively and lays it on the skin with the least amount of streaks because of how it is cut and shaped. In order to use this, put a small amount of liquid foundation on a palette or directly on the brush and swipe the brush on your face until you achieve your desired coverage. This is another makeup essential you need to have.

This type of brush is used to lay down the base color for eyeshadow, this is another brush you need to have in your kit because you can create different eye makeup looks using this brush alone.

5. Eyeshadow Blender Brush

Another brush that you need to have in your kit is the blender brush is used exactly for just that, to blend eyeshadow. Normally, you don’t use a blending brush to put colors on your eye, because for a blending brush to be effective it has to be clean sans any color to efficiently blend out the color that’s already on the eye. If you use a dirty blending brush, then it might appear murky or dirty depending on what color is on the brush itself.

Angled brow brushes are best used to apply eyebrow colors to fill in your eyebrows. Depending on the bristles, softer bristles are better at applying gel or pomade type of brushes, whereas harder bristles tend to apply powdered eyebrow pigments better. Create eyebrows that are on fleek using this brush!

7. Lip Brush

The lip brush is a tool that allows you to pick up color from your lipstick tube or palette to your lips. This application process gets rid of clumpy lipstick, it also lessens the possibility of color bleeding because you tend to apply thinner coats when using a lip brush.

8. Eyeliner Brush

An eyeliner brush is used to apply gel liner close to the lash line, it is also designed to help you create a beautiful winged liner look, easier and more effectively.

There are many different makeup brush sets that you can check out, I even have a separate blog post for professional makeup brushes. Just take note that when choosing which makeup brush set you’d like to own, you consider a few things like your budget, the quality of the product, and the value you’re getting for the brush set.

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